COVID-19 and Live Streaming

Well with Covid-19 I actually have some time to update some blogs and work on some personal projects. Knocked out a bunch of repairs, sold a lot of old gear I wasn’t using. But I was able to land some mixing and mastering gigs.

I found that being able to restore cell phone recordings was a good way to trickle in some additional income. For me I still work full time with Attack Research and I did get some funding from Falling Colors and the US Gov. So thankfully my fears of closing haven’t come to fruition.

However I don’t see shows coming back anytime soon. So I have been diving into live streaming. I redesigned The Decibel Foundry website as a platform to be the forefront of the streaming. It is going to take all my skills coming together to pull this off and it is quite exciting to face a new challenge.

I am excited to face this challenge and help all my friends and fellow musicians. These are trying times and we all have to make the best of while staying safe and staying healthy.

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