Every artist is different and I feel my job is to accurately represent that.

Over the years I have worked with a lot of musicians and they are all very unique and recordings in today’s industry is your first impression.  So my goal is to try and understand your essence as an artist, and represent that as best I can to your recordings and releases.

And so my approach to recording is very flexible and different with a focus on the performance and expressing the art while being commercially competitive.

Contact me and we can talk about your project, what your goals are, and the Services I offer.


“Once again, Decibel Foundry studio founder, producer and metal maniac Augustine Ortiz proves his knack for tunes that fall outside his usual metal purview.” – Santa Fe Reporter, iwatchyousleep

“…the most guttural throat emissions splatter across this ridiculously great mix, the nauseous see-saw of passages in and out of thrash explosions decidedly more effective with the rawness of the presentation of this band’s sound.” – Metal Injection, Street Tombs – “Rising Torment”

“This is how black metal should sound! Fucking up front, immediate, grinding, and most importantly: LOUD. This album will tell you to turn it up. Great recording and mixing. #3 AOTY 2020.” – Previously, on… – Bandcamp – Heretical Sect

“…his talent and diversity are impossible to miss on Fever Water. … His expertise and prowess are most noticeable on “Whales,” which puts the listener behind Brownstone’s drum set as Aragon’s guitar hooks hover above Kohler’s vocals with just the right amount of reverb.” – Santa Fe Reporter, Gold Tides

“The recording quality is fucking cherry;” – Undead Goathead, Colossal Swan Dive

“The other big improvement is in the recording quality and overall performance, which is far and away superior to their debut.” – No Life ’till Metal, Suspended – Hollowed Minds

“Expertly recorded by Carrion Kind’s Augustine Ortiz, Yar is a must for any fan of heavy music.” – Santa Fe Reporter, YAR

“The sound quality of this self-titled demo is impressive.  Although distorted and caustic, the music is delivered with  crispness and  clarity.” – Undead Goathead, YAR

Media Coverage

Two Minutes to Midnight: A crash course in Santa Fe’s metal scene – “The Wizard…nearly every interview conducted for this story, metal purveyors of all faiths and creeds made unsolicited mention of Ortiz as the one person most deserving of credit.”

Ra Ra Room Episode 11 Podcast with OG Willikers

Best of Santa Fe 2015 by The Santa Fe Reporter – “he is one the hardest-working promoters/audio engineers our city has to offer, and one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet in your life”

Carrion Kind Kills by The Santa Fe Reporter – “Local guitarist/producer/engineer/promoter Augustine Ortiz is kind of blowing my mind right now.”

The Sound and the Fury by The Santa Fe Reporter – “Ortiz is a musician, promoter, producer/engineer and all-around rad guy, and he has worked hard to build a reputation as a dependable and talented sound tech. ”

Show School: Venues need to take a page from metal promoters by The Santa Fe Reporter – “Kronos Creative’s Augustine Ortiz says. “Luckily, we’ve seen a steady rise in attendance over the past two years on average, with the last few months being some of the biggest shows we’ve had yet, and many in attendance were people I haven’t seen before, and that is excellent.”

3 Questions with Promoter/Musician Steve Anthony – ” I’d like to think the people before me, especially Augustine Ortiz, spent time cultivating the scene. Without all the work he’s done, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”