Anyone who knows me knows that I keep myself pretty busy.   For some reason I decided to have multiple names and entities for my activities rather than housing them all under one name.  Might be a mistake, but here they are all in once place:


Ortiz Audio

www.ortizaudio.net – This is the registered name of my business.  So it encompasses everything I do.  However I dedicate the site to equipment sales, repair, and duplication.


The Decibel Foundry

www.thedecibelfoundry.com – This is my studio I do most of my work out of.  It is freelance engineer friendly and can be rented for rehearsal as well.


Entelodon Records

www.entelodonrecords.com – This is my record label run along side with the many talented Art Bertik.  We are an eclectic label that focuses on music we love and not limited to one genre.  It is a window into our shared eclectic tastes.


Kronos Creative, LLC

www.kronoscreative.net – Promotion and media company in partnership with the many talented Pascual Romero.  Via this entity we do most of the Metal booking and promotion in Santa Fe.  Pascual handles all the video production and will often use The Decibel Foundry as production space.


Attack Research, LLC

www.attackresearch.com – My primary employer as a computer security developer and consultant.  From pen-tests to custom tool development to system architects, we are computer security experts from the attacker’s perspective.