Live and Loud

I do a lot of live sound for a studio guy.  I mainly do it so the shows I promote sound the best I can make them.  From the local dive bar playing on the floor to a professional stage, I do my best to make the bands I work with sound the best they can.   And from that I do hire out for shows and events.


Below was a great sounding band outdoors in Moriarity, NM.  Not a lot of people, but had time to make it sound great.  Recorded this with my cell phone.


Live Recordings and 1-Hour Mixes

One really cool thing about having me do live sound is I can also record the show!  I do a full multi-track recording (up to 32 channels) and then mix it after.  I can do a quick 1-hour mix which is great for demos or low-cost releases.  Or if you want to be more serious, we can spend more time mixing to get it just right.

But here are some 1-hour mixes with stories:

Abrams: 6/19/2015 @ The Cave

The Cave is a DIY warehouse venue in Santa Fe where bands play on the floor.  It has high ceilings and usually turns into a party.  One of the most fun venues in Santa Fe.


BlindDryve: 3/11/2016 @ The Underground

The Underground is a low ceiling basement venue that has been great to me and the metal scene.  Small shows are great there and it is a ton of fun to play.


Hartless: 4/25/2017 @ The Decibel Foundry

Ok ok ok, this is cheating a bit.  But Hartless rehearses in my studio and we decided to record a few songs for a radio interview.  It was a tight budget so I mic’d the rehearsal backline and they did a few takes.  This was completely live even with vocals blaring in the room over the PA. After that I did the first mix in 1-hour, then did a few small revisions for a total of 1.5 hours.