I really wanted to name my studio, “Guerrilla Recording,” as inspired by a great book by Karl Coryat.  It of course is taken, but that is my philosophy to recording as an art.  There are no limitations and I am willing to make something happen no matter what.  I love to embrace the conditions, the music, the band, the instruments, and the artist as for who and what they are.  There is a magic with the uniqueness of every band in every space.

So I try to focus on the artist first and capturing the essence and energy of an artists however I can.  Sometimes that may mean unconventional techniques, or pulling from classic techniques to get a particular sound or performance.  This means ultimate flexibility and no one “right” way.

I hope that you take some time to listen to as much of my discography as you can handle.  Some bands were done live all at once with a super tight budget, others were done over weeks of work trying to perfect every performance and sound.  It is all making music and making art.  And it is my job to represent your art with my own.



“The recording quality is fucking cherry;” – Undead Goathead, Colossal Swan Dive

“The other big improvement is in the recording quality and overall performance, which is far and away superior to their debut.” – No Life ’till Metal, Suspended – Hollowed Minds

“Expertly recorded by Carrion Kind’s Augustine Ortiz, Yar is a must for any fan of heavy music.” – Santa Fe Reporter, YAR

“The sound quality of this self-titled demo is impressive.  Although distorted and caustic, the music is delivered with  crispness and  clarity.” – Undead Goathead, YAR


Media Coverage

Ra Ra Room Episode 11 Podcast with OG Willikers

Best of Santa Fe 2015 by The Santa Fe Reporter – “he is one the hardest-working promoters/audio engineers our city has to offer, and one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet in your life”

Carrion Kind Kills by The Santa Fe Reporter – “Local guitarist/producer/engineer/promoter Augustine Ortiz is kind of blowing my mind right now.”

The Sound and the Fury by The Santa Fe Reporter – “Ortiz is a musician, promoter, producer/engineer and all-around rad guy, and he has worked hard to build a reputation as a dependable and talented sound tech. ”

Show School: Venues need to take a page from metal promoters by The Santa Fe Reporter – “Kronos Creative’s Augustine Ortiz says. “Luckily, we’ve seen a steady rise in attendance over the past two years on average, with the last few months being some of the biggest shows we’ve had yet, and many in attendance were people I haven’t seen before, and that is excellent.”